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Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Hair Mist Review

A luxurious hair spray that works to leave hair nourished, glossy and beautifully fragranced. Very Good Girl, the newest interpretation of the iconic Good Girl scent is now available as a hair mist.

The Very Good Girl hair mist blends notes of playfully mischievous redcurrant and exotic lychee with the warmth of vanilla and the potency of rose. The bottle is housed in the same beautiful red stiletto with a frosted glass finish.

Scents typically last better when sprayed through the hair, hair is porous and doesn’t heat up as much as our skin does.

It has been recommended over the years to not spray our usual perfumes directly onto our hair as it causes the strands to dry out. This is because our usual perfumes have a higher alcohol contact, hair mists are specially formulated to be applied directly onto hair. They’re lighter versions and are a great way to achieve shiny hair that also smells great.

The Very Good Girl hair mist paired with the perfume favours the longevity of the perfume and leaves behind an unforgettable mark as well as a shine to the hair. I used the hair mist after drying and styling my hair and found that the mist lasted between a three-day hair wash, I couldn’t stop smelling my hair throughout the three days.

Overall, hair mists are definitely something worth investing in. If you are a Good Girl fan, then pairing the hair mist with your perfume will be a great addition to boosting the fragrance whilst giving you beautiful glossy locks.

Very Good Girl Hair Mist is available in a 30 ml size and a little really does go a long way.

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*All products featured in this review have been purchased and not gifted/sponsored *


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