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Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L'Eau Privée - Night Fragrance

Chanel produces some of the most iconic fragrances, since the launch of the first Coco Mademoiselle perfume in 2001 it has been a staple Chanel perfume. Six months ago Chanel released a new addition to the Mademoiselle fragrance family, the L’Eau Privée, and we just had to try it!

L’Eau Privée is “a light and delicate version of Coco Mademoiselle, a night fragrance like a soft and sensual veil” according to Chanel Perfumer-Creator, Oliver Polge.

If you are familiar with the Coco Mademoiselle fragrances, then you will know that it falls into the oriental category. However, with this version the woody notes have been toned down which brings out more of a freshness. The notes of this fragrance include a combination of jasmine, rose and musk notes. It is lighter and more sheer, perfect to be worn at night-time as an aromatic and elegant addition to your evening routine.

This was originally launched in August 2020, whilst in the middle of a global pandemic I believe this launch was the perfect product to be introduced. It is best applied on pulse points, where the skin is warmest and it can be used to scent the hair, which is something I love to do.

The beautiful bottle is made of frosted glass in the original shape of the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. The L’Eau Privée is available in 50ml and 100ml.

The L’Eau Privée is a lovely fragrance. I appreciate the lightness and sheerness that this version brings of Coco Mademoiselle. I have particularly loved wearing it on my hair and although it has been made as a night fragrance it is nice to use whenever you like.

*all pictures are taken by us*

*this product has been purchased by me and not gifted*


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