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Fenty Beauty: Gloss Bomb vs Gloss Bomb Cream

Fenty beauty has come a long way since the release of the very first and original gloss bomb lip luminizer, which initially released in one shade, Fenty glow, the gloss bomb lip luminizer is now available in universal 7 shades which look gorgeous on all skin tones. With a thick yet non-sticky formula there’s no question as why this is probably one of the best lipglosses on the market.

Her most recent release, the gloss bomb cream lip cream which is a shimmer-free version of the gloss bomb lip luminizer, has been huge.

The gloss bomb cream delivers high shine without any shimmer. It is currently available in 5 shades and we expect that there will be more additions in the future. The gloss bomb cream also comes in a non-sticky formula but with a thick consistency which allows you to apply it with just one swipe with the help of the XXL wand.

Overall, both are great glosses. Both versions come with a light peached vanilla scent which is nice as it’s not too strong, they also come in the same hexagon shaped bottle with the same xxl wand. They are both nourishing when worn and are long lasting.

If you like an intense shimmered gloss then the best choice is the original gloss bomb lip luminizer whereas if you like shine without the shimmer, then the gloss bomb cream is the one for you.

*all pictures are taken by us*

*these products have been purchased by us and not gifted*


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