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Kayali Eden Juicy Apple | 01 Review

Kayali has released their newest and ninth fragrance, Eden Juicy Apple | 01. A playful and vibrant fragrance. This succulent scent is a tempting, mouth-watering fusion of crisp and juicy red apples, sweet berries and fresh floral notes that will keep you wanting more and more. It is the first fruity floral fragrance from Kayali.

Fragrance notes:

- Top Notes: Juicy Red Apple, Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit, Lychee

- Middle Notes: Wild Berries, Raspberry Blossom, Jasmine, Rose Centifolia

- Bottom Notes: Vanilla Flower, Amber Crystals, Sugared Moss, Sensual Musk

The opening of the Eden gives a burst of red apple, pink grapefruit and lychee and soon after a beautiful mix of florals and berries comes through. Once the scent dries down a hint of musk comes through along with the sweet scent of vanilla.

For me, Eden is a nostalgic scent, it gives me 90s/00s vibes. It’s a sweet, fruity and refreshing scent, which is perfect for everyday use.

I love the Kayali bottles, the bottle of Eden Juicy Apple is presented in a beautiful red, transparent bottle with the classic Kayali designed bottle, with the crystal effect lid.

As Kayali’s first five fragrances, Eden Juicy Apple | 01 is also an Eau de Parfum. The number next to the name, in this case the number 01, signifies the number of modifications it took to create this stunning fragrance.

This is available in three sizes, 10 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.

*All photos are taken by us*

*All products featured in this review have been purchased and not gifted/sponsored*


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