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Kayali Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 Review

Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper 25 the newest Kayali release, and their first intense fragrance.

The fragrance is described as an electric, floral, woody creation. The scent of Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 combines the spiciness of pink pepper and saffron with sweet Bulgarian Rose and Royal Lilly florals for a perfect balance. Deepened with Sandalwood and Golden Amber and intriguingly heightened with sparkling bergamot, this scent is perfect for those who expect a little more from the unexpected. The number 25 signifies the 25 rounds of formula modifications that went into creating the perfect balance of flirtatious and sweet.

Fragrance notes:

- Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Saffron, Bergamot, Royal Lily

- Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose, May Rose, Vanilla Orchid, Magnolia

- Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber, Patchouli

Upon opening Sweet Diamond I was a little overwhelmed with a burst Bergamot, Rose and Saffron but soon after the fragrance dries down the beautiful Sandalwood and Amber notes really come through along with patchouli and musk. All of the notes in this fragrance blend together so well but the rose notes definitely stand out the most.

As the Sweet Diamond is an Eau De Parfum Intense I decided to do a wear test to see if it is longer lasting than the other Kayali fragrances, I put it on my pulse points and carried on with my day as usual and found that I could still smell the fragrance at the end of the day, this scent lasted around 16 hours, it is definitely the longest lasting Kayali fragrance.

This fragrance was a blind buy and I am so glad that I bought it because I really do like this scent, it really is spicy yet sweet just as described. I love that it almost smells like a floral Oud even though Oud is not one of the notes. This is perfect to wear for any occasion as it’s so long lasting. It’s a gorgeous scent on its own, and pairs so well with the Kayali Musk fragrance too. Also, this bottle stands out beautifully from my fragrance collection. I love the pink version of the Kayali Bottle, it still looks so elegant and the pink makes it unique.

The Sweet Diamond is unquestionably a must have fragrance!

Sweet Diamond is available in 10 ml, 50 ml, and 100ml.

*all pictures are taken by us*

*this product has been purchased and not gifted*


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