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Pixi Beauty Botanical Collagen Collection

Collagen is an essential protein for your skin and is what keeps your skin looking smooth and youthful. Collagen production lessens with age so it’s important to replace what you lose by supplementing it Collagen in your skincare routine.

Incorporating Collagen-infused skincare products can help increases blood flow to the skin and reduce visible wrinkles which gives a plump youthful look. This is where Pixi Beauty’s Botanical Collagen Collection comes in.

I tried four key products from the Pixi Beauty Botanical Collagen Collection which work together. The 4 steps to add collagen into your skincare routine start with the Botanical Collagen Tonic, tone and refine your skin texture with the hydrating effects of vegan Collagen, Coconut Water and Peptides for a replenishing and youth-enhancing volumizing boost.

Followed by the Botancial Collagen Volume Sheet Mask, the Acacia Collagen serum infused mask reveals instant hydration and a soft volumizing effect improves elasticity for instant skin lushness over time. The sheets are biodegradable and best used once a week.

After patting the excess serum from the sheet mask, you can then apply the Botancial Collagen EyeSerum, which is super re-hydrating, lightweight and quick absorbing, this Acacia Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid-infused eye serum ensures a replenishing and de-puffing boost to the delicate under-eye area.

The last step of the routine, the Botanical Collagen lip gloss, this provides instantly nourished and plumper lips with this Acacia Collagen, Vitamin E and Peptide-Infused glossy finish lip treat. This can be worn solo or on top of your favourite lip colour.

Overall, the products are very hydrating and the Pixi sheet masks are one of the best!

It is important to find the skincare products which suits your skin type and to be consistent with your routine to see the best results. It can vary from person to person on how long it takes for a consistent skincare routine to work, it can vary between 6 to 12 weeks to see results.

*Pictures have been taken by us*

*This product has been gifted, however, opinions are our own*


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