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Remington Hydraluxe Pro Straightener Review

I’m always on the lookout for good quality hair straighteners and I came across the Remington Hydraluxe Pro Straighteners a few months ago. I was super interested to try out the Hydracare Mist Technology as I haven’t used any tool with this feature before.

The Hydraluxe Pro Straightener allows you to create styles that are smoother, softer, and shinier than when using your traditional straighteners. It features the Hydracare Mist Technology which lets out a cool Moisture Mist which protects the hair against heat damage when straightening at 170°C with the Hydracare Mist switched on. They also have moisture lock ceramic coating which helps preserve the hairs’ perfect balance of moisture as you straighten resulting in long lasting shiny styles.

To use the Hydracare function the reservoir must be filled with water before operating, when the Hydracare mist setting is switched on the straighteners default to 170°C which is the recommended temperature for styling without damage. An icon on the digital display will appear illuminated once the function is working, when the plates are closed together a light moisture mist will emit from the outlet. It is important the keep the outlet facing downwards as this emits the mist onto your hair evenly.

The straighteners can also be used as normal straighteners, without the Hydracare function and features five standard temperature settings up to 230°C.

I have used a lot of straighteners in my time, and I must say that these are by far one of the best I have used. Since purchasing these I have not used any other straighteners on my hair, I love how my hair feels after using them. I find that my hair stays frizz free and has a gorgeous shine for days. I personally use the Hydracare function each time as this is the main reason behind buying them in the first place and I really am obsessed. They were definitely worth the purchase and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

The straighteners are available to purchase from Boots and retail for £149.99.

*all pictures are taken by us*

*this product has been purchased and not gifted*


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